Street Singer Productions projects range from feature films to music CD and video production.  We are currently producing a documentary film on legendary guitar builder John Monteleone, the first in the "Master Innovators" series. We also have several other projects in development, including a film with Yellowstone National Park photography tour guide, Rod Franklin and  a narrative feature film titled Hellhound written by Trevor Laurence, about the struggles of an itinerant bluesman in the 1920s through 1960s, and a recording project featuring Woody Mann's newest compositions. Your tax deductible donation can be to our general fund or for a specific project.



The Chisels Are Calling
A look inside the mind and approach of one of the world’s greatest instrument builders.





Innovator series

Following on the theme of The Chisels Are Calling, the Innovator series will focus on the creative process of musicians, artists, writers, architects, chefs, business innovators, designers, photographers and others who push the creative boundaries in their field. Each episode will go inside the life of creative innovators, examining their passions, talents, and drive to push their art form to new limits.


Thirty-Seven Days of Peril
A true-story of hardship, courage and survival.

In 1870 Truman Everts joined an expedition to map and explore the wilderness of what is now Yellowstone National Park. Just days into the journey he became separated from his party and soon after was deserted by his horse, which had been carrying most of his supplies. For the next thirty-seven days, lacking any skills as an outdoorsman, he faced death repeatedly at the hands of the wilderness. His life hanging by a thread, he persisted, each day devising a way to preserve his life and to find a path back to civilization.
Photo: Rod Frankin

"Thirty-Seven Days of Peril" will be a dramatic reenactment of Evert’s struggle drawing on the man's own account of the events.  Director Trevor Laurence will team up with Rod Franklin, the exceptional nature photographer and Yellowstone National Park photography guide for this project.


narrative feature written by Trevor Laurence

Charlie Phelps, a field hand in 1920s Mississippi, witnesses a crime that forces him to take to the road and pursue a living as an itinerant street musician. Facing homelessness, hunger and musical limitations, he begins his long journey to escape poverty and train himself to become one of the greatest blues guitarists and songwriters of his generation.

Charlie’s struggles are paralleled by the investigations of two 1961 blues researchers who believe that the legendary musician, who disappeared decades ago after being accused of murder, is still alive. It is their intention to exonerate him but they soon learn that they may be in over their heads. There are some mysteries that should be left unsolved.

This narrative feature film includes authentic locales, music, and cultural references from blues history, as well as cameos from a few of the genre’s greatest stars. Inspiration for this project was drawn from the music of Charley Patton, Skip James, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and other early American blues artists. The soundtrack will be written and recorded by Woody Mann.